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Mel Carter

My Favorite Song:
Hold Me...Thrill Me
By Mel Carter.

I was born in Kane,Illinois...My parents
were Lydle (Bill) and Mary Mowrey. I
have two (2) sisters and three (3) brothers.
Donna...Peggy...Gary...Jerry (Twin) and
Larry (Twin). We are a very close family.
On 18 November, 1987, I married the
love of my life, Bill Emery. He passed
away 13 February, 1987. No children,
but lots of cats:))).
I worked for Olin Corporation, the world
manufacturer for Winchester and Super X
ammunition. Worked for them for almost
30 years. Now I am a lady of leisure.
My hobbies are: Crocheting, Camping, collecting
Beanie Babies, collecting Lead Crystal Bells and
of course the computer. Most of my time being
spent on the computer.
I have  a new 36 foot travel trailer that I keep
parked in a private campground, 2000 Model,
in Shelbyville, Illinois. It is about 100 miles
from my house, just far enough to think you
are going someplace, but yet not that far to
drive. I spend a lot of weekends there during
the summer months. My site faces the Kaskaskia
River. It is a mini home away from home with
all the luxuries. Great place to relax and to get
away from the everyday hustle and bustle of
everyday life.

Cradle Roll


This is Me at about 17 months old.


This is "Me" at
2 years and 2 months old.

Me & Shirley

Me and my cousin Shirley.
I was about 7 years old
and she was about 15.
Picture taken 1948.


This is me and I am
about 5 or 6 years old
in this picture.


5th. Grade...Year 19~~~~~:)))

Pat- Gradeschool

This is "Me" in grade school.
Probably 7th or 8th grade.
Was afraid to take picture
out of frame, too old. Haa.


Me - Eighth Grade Graduation - 1955


This picture was taken when
I was a freshman in high school.
Year 1955-56


I was a junior in high school
in this picture, 1957-58

Senior Year

Senior year in High School
1959 - with bleach blonde hair.


This picture of me was taken in the 1980's

Me in back-niece Dawn in sunglasses

This is "Me", I am sitting
behind the girl in the
sunglasses. That is my niece,
Dawn. Picture was taken in
Las Vegas. Went there for
the "Super Bowl", last year. We are
at the University of Las
Vegas watching Dawn's son
play baseball. Had a great
time. Met them all there,
they came from California.
My sister Peggy from California
was there. My sister Donna (Citygirl)
went with me from Illinois.


This was and still is the "Love"
of my life. My husband "Bill".
He passed away 13 February, 1987
And sitting on his lap was the "Love"
of his life. His dog "Paco". Paco
passed away Sept. 1990. He was 11
years old. He was a registered Poodle.
Got him when he was 8 weeks old. I
sure do miss them both. :(((


Bill, my husband at my Mom's house,
acting silly...Picture taken - 1973

Me & Bill

Me and husband Bill.
Picture taken between
1965 and 1967 (I think)

Bill & Me

My husband Bill and Me at
Mom and Dad's house, Christmas
1968. We came from California
for Christmas.


I was at a Fund raiser during
the Persian Gulf War. I sold
over 1200 T-Shirts and
Sweatshirts..I sold the most.:)))

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