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Johnny Mathis

~Small World~
  By Johnny Mathis
  "It is a small world...isn't it"

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> > >> I'm glad you're in my dash---
> > >>
> > >> I read of a man who stood to speak
> > >> At the funeral of a friend
> > >> He referred to the dates on their tombstone
> > >> From the the end.
> > >>
> > >> He noted that first came their date of birth
> > >> And spoke the following date with tears,
> > >> But he said what mattered most of all
> > >> Was the dash between those years. (1934-1998)
> > >>
> > >> For that dash represents all the time
> > >> That they spent alive on earth...
> > >> And now only those who loved them
> > >> Know what that little line is worth.
> > >>
> > >> For it matters not, how much we own;
> > >> The cars...the house...the cash,
> > >> What matters is how we live and love
> > >> And how we spend our dash.
> > >>
> > >> So think about this long and hard...
> > >> Are there things you'd like to change?
> > >> For you never know how much time is left,
> > >> That can still be rearranged.
> > >>
> > >> If we could just slow down enough
> > >> To consider what's true and real,
> > >> And always try to understand
> > >> The way other people feel.
> > >>
> > >> And be less quick to anger,
> > >> And show appreciation more
> > >> And love the people in our lives
> > >> Like we've never loved before.
> > >>
> > >> If we treat each other with respect,
> > >> And more often wear a smile..
> > >> Remembering that this special dash
> > >> Might only last a little while.
> > >>
> > >> So, when your eulogy's being read
> > >> With your life's actions to rehash...
> > >> Would you be proud of the things they say
> > >> About how you spent your dash?
> > >>

> > >> * *.(\***/)*.*
> > >> *.*(\ (_) /)*.*
> > >> .*.(_/ || \_).*.
> > >> *..*/____\*..*
> > >> May your guardian angel watch over you faithfully :)))

Great Great Grandfather Frederick A. Mowrey

Born: 6 May 1817, Virginia (ShenandoahValley)
Died: 13 January 1878, Effingham County, Illinois
Married: Mariah Adams on 29 Jan. 1839, Richland Cty, Ohio(Marr Cert)
Born: 30 Mar 1820
Buried: Old Loogootee Cemetery, Loogootee, Fayette Co., Illinois
Parents: James Adams and Margaret (McGilrey) Adams
Both of Mariah's parents were born in Ireland

Children of Frederick A and Mariah (Adams) Mowrey

1. James Mowrey
Born: 11 July 1840...Ohio
Died: 09 Jan 1874...Effingham or Fayette Cty, Illinois
Buried: Loogootee City Cemetery, Loogootee, Fayette Co., Illinois
Married: 21 Aug 1861...Morrow, Ohio (Marr.Cert)
Martha Ann Sexton
Born: 21 May 1843...Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Died: 21 May 1916...Marion County, Ohio
Parents: Robert and Mary (Bothamley) Sexton
Martha's parents born in England

Children of James and Martha Ann (Sexton) Mowrey

1. Belle Mowrey Born: Bet. 1861-1874 - Died: 1875?
2. Elizabeth Mowrey Born: Bet. 1862-1874 - Died: 1875?
3. Charles Mowrey Born: Bet. 1863-1874 - Died: 1875?
4. James Mowrey Born: Bet. 1864-1874 - Died: 1875?
As you can see I have not searched for the children of
James and Martha for dates. Hope to get to it later.


Martha Ann Sexton, daughter of
Robert and Mary (Bothamley)
Sexton was born in Clenchwarton,
Norfolk (Norfolkshire) England,
on May 21, 1843. At the age of
ten years, she with a younger
sister and brother, her widowed
mother, and grandparents came to
America in the ANIAL, a sailing
vessel. They were seven weeks on
the water when they landed in New
York. They came immediately to
Claridon Twp, Marion Co., Ohio
where other relatives had previously
located. Martha making her home with
her great uncle, the late Wm. P. Thew,
until her marriage to James Mowrey in
1861. In 1864 they moved to Illinois
with James family, where James died
in 1874, leaving her with four small
children to combat with, the world
for a livelihood. She returned to
Ohio in 1875 and found homes for her
children. Elizabeth, Charles and James
were adopted by Ben and Jane Bolinger
of Claridon, Marion Co., Ohio, but
Belle was raised by Dr. Hahn of
Caledonia, Marion Co., Ohio. It is
my speculation that Martha, after the
death of James, could no longer care
for her children and upon coming back
to Ohio from Illinois, she had to give
them up for adoption, not knowing of
course that she would later remarry.
On January 14, 1883, Martha was united
in marriage to Simon H. Rice, born: 1858
died: 1934 in Marion Co., Ohio. He is
buried in the Mausoleum in Caledonia,

2. Mary Jane Mowrey
Born: 3 June 1843 - Ohio
Died: 20 Oct 1880 - Effingham, Illinois
Buried: Old Loogootee Cemetery, Loogootee, Fayette Co, Illinois
Married: 28 Jan 1868 - Effingham, Illinois
Jonathan Idleman - No dates.
Buried: Old Loogootee Cemetery, Loogootee, Fayette Co., Illinois
Jonathan was appointed guardian of Frederick's
(my grandfather) underage daughter...
Sarah Ellen, after Frederick's passing. I have
"Guardianship" papers on this.

3.Cyrus Mowrey
Born: 11 Oct 1846 - Ohio
Died: 22 Jan 1865 - (during Civil War)
I have military records on him. I have
visited his gravesite in Nashville
National Cemetery, in Nashville, Tenn.
There was a letter written to my Great
Great Grandfather notifying him of his
sons death. He died on 22 Jan 1865 in
Hospital #2 - Section 9 - Tent 6 in
Nashville, Tennessee. He was a private
in the 174th. Infantry, Company A, under
General W. T. Sherman.

Cyrus's Gravesite

Me at Cyrus's gravesite.
Nashville National Cemetery.
Nashville, Tennessee.

4. Margaret N. Mowrey
Born: 11 Aug 1848 - Ohio
Died: No Dates
Married: Kepner - No dates on him.
Margaret was a charter member of
the Royal Neighbors Association
in Edgewood, Illinois. I have a
copy of the Centennial Book from
1857 to 1957, where she is listed
in there...She is also listed in
her father's (Frederick) court
papers I have, as an heir.

5. Lavina Arabelle Mowrey
Born: 22 March 1852 - Caledonia, Ohio
Died: 1 Feb 1938 - Paxton, Illinois
Buried: Edgewood City Cemetery, Edgewood, Illinois
Have her obituary from newspaper.
Married: 1 Nov 1877 - Effingham County, Illinois
John C. Rice
Born: 11 Feb 1850 - Kentucky
Died: 26 March 1903 - Edgewood, Illinois
Buried: Edgewood City Cemetery, Edgewood, Illinois
in Potter's Field, (must have been a son of a gun,
not buried with Lavina.) Heard from relatives that
he was mean.

Children of Lavina Arabelle "Belle" Mowrey and John C. Rice

1. William Edward Rice
     Born: Aug 1878 - Edgewood, Illinois
     Died: 20 July 1919
2. Charles Rice
    Born: March 1881 - Edgewood, Illinois
    Died: Dates Unknown
3. Susan Florence Rice
    Born: 25 March 1884 - Edgewood, Illinois
    Died: 22 Aug 1948 - Paxton, Ford Co., Illinois
    Buried: 25 Aug 1948 - Paxton, Ford Co., Illinois
    Married: 4 April 1903 - Edgewood, Illinois
    Harvey Hyde
    Born: 7 Oct 1879 - Kinmundy, Marion Co., Illinois
    Died: 29 April 1961 - Globe Gila, Arizona
    Buried: Paxton, Ford Co., Illinois
4. Alma Rice
    Born: 1898 - Edgewood, Illinois
    Died: 1998 - (Lived to be 100)
    Married: John Chapman - No Dates
5. Fredrick Rice
    Born: 1900
    Died: Infant
6. Annie Rice
    Born: 1902
    Died: Infant
7. Mary Ellen Rice
    Born: 1903
    Died: Date Unknown
    Married: Jackson Rice - No Dates

Lavina A. Mowrey

Lavina Arabelle Mowrey.
They called her "Belle"

John and Belle (Mowrey) Rice

This picture was taken in
the late1800's. John and
Belle (Mowrey) Rice on front
porch of their home in Edgewood,

Information I Obtained About Lavina Arabelle (Mowrey) Rice

Belle as she was called, was born in Caledonia, Ohio.
She moved from Ohio with her parents Frederick and
Mariah (Adams) Mowrey, with a brother (George)
and a sister (Sarah), when she was a small child.
They came to Edgewood, Illinois. Belle married
John Rice on Nov 1 1877. They had seven (7)
children. John passed away and could not read
nor write. After several years of his passing,
Belle went to live with her son William, in Paxton,
Illinois. About one year later William passed away.
She then went to live with her daughter Susan, (Mrs.
Harvey Hyde) also in Paxton, Illinois. She lived with
her daughter for 18 years, until her passing on 1 Feb
1938. Belle died of infirmities of old age, at the age
of 85 years, 10 months and 5 days. Belle is buried
in Edgewood City Cemetery, Edgewood, Illinois.
Thanks goes to Marcia (Hippard) Larson, my
distant cousin, (whom I have met) who lives in
Taylor, Arizona. I also obtained information
from the courthouse, in Effingham, Illinois. I
visited Belle's gravesite in Feb 1994 and again
in July of 2000, when Marcia came to my house
for a visit and for us to meet. Marcia and her
husband Errol stayed with me for two weeks.
Had a great time.

6. George Riley Mowrey (My Great Grandfather)
    Born: 6 May 1856 - Ohio
    Died: 13 Nov 1901 - Pin Hook, Fayette Co., Illinois
    Buried: 14 Nov 1901 - Pin Hook Cemetery
    Died of: Phthisis Consumption (Tuberculous)
    Married: 21 Dec 1876 - Fayette Co., Illinois (Cert)
    Wife #1 Lucinda Cubberly
     Born: 8 April 1855 - Fayette Co., Illinois
     Died: 19 April 1879 - Wheatland Twp. Fayette Co., Illinois
     Died of: Brights Disease of the Kidneys

Children of George Riley and Lucinda (Cubberly) Mowrey

1. Sarah Ellen Mowrey
    Born:7 May 1877 - Wheatland Twp. Fayette Co., Illinois
    Died: After 1938
    Married: 5 May 1895 - Father's Home, Fayette Co., Illinois (Cert)
    William P. Akeman
     Born: 1863 - 1864
     Died: Unknown
2. Name Unknown
    Born: 1 March 1879 - Wheatland Twp. Fayette County, Illinois
    Died: 1 March 1879 - (Newborn - lived few hours) (Cert)

Wife #2 Tempy Ann Wilburn - (My Great Grandmother)
Born: 1861 - Otego Twp. Clark Co., Indiana
Died: 5 Jan 1897 - Fayette County, Illinois
Married: 24 Oct 1879 - Fayette Co., Illinois (Cert)
Parents: Gilbert S. and Hanah (Smith) Wilburn

Children of George Riley and Tempy Ann (Wilburn) Mowrey

1. Martha Ann Mowrey
    Born: 17 May 1881 - Fayette Co., Illinois
    Died: 10 Nov 1960
    Married: 6 Feb - No Year Date
    Rolland Elmer Bethard - No Dates
2. Lucy Adda Mowrey
    Born: 26 July 1883 - Fayette Co., Illinois
    Died: 1 Dec 1903
3. Nellie Margaret Mowrey
    Born: 6 Sept 1886 - Fayette Co., Illinois
    Died:  24 Aug 1897
4. George Lydle Fredrick Mowrey (My Grandfather)
    Born: 28 Aug 1888 - Loogootee, Fayette Co., Illinois
    Died: 21 Aug 1979 - Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois (Cert)
    Buried: 24 Aug 1979 - Kane Cemetery, Kane, Greene Co., Ill.
    Married: 12 Oct 1910 - Carrington,Foster Co., North Dakota
    Wife #1 Mary Irene Beatrice Ridgeway (My Grandmother)
     Born: 4 Oct 1890 - Virden, Illinois
     Died: 23 Dec 1918 - Carrington, Foster Co., North Dakota
     Buried: 25 Dec 1918 - Carrington Cemetery, Carrington, North Dakota
     Parents: James Marion and Mary Josephine (Whittler) Ridgeway
     Wife #2 Harda Thedora Thorsenson
      Born: 2 July 1898 - Christensund, Norway
      Died: 4 April 1990 - Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois
      Buried: 7 April 1990 - Kane Cemetery, Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
      Married: 1 Feb 1921 - Fargo, North Dakota
      Parents: Dick and Nichalenia (Stokke) Thorenson
5. William Robert Mowrey
     Born: 4 July 1895 - Vandalia, Fayette Co., Illinois
     Died: 24 Nov 1966 - Daughter's Home - Schofield, Wisconsin
     Married: Gladys Irene Dixon - No Dates

Wife #3 Elizabeth Hollingshead
Born: 1866
Died: No Dates
Married: 10 Feb 1898 - Fayette Co., Illinois
Parents: Alex Anderson

What I know about my Great Grandfather - George Riley Mowrey

George was born in Ohio. Was the son
of Frederick A. and Mariah (Adams)
Mowrey. He had two (2) brothers
and four (4) sisters.His brother Cyrus
died during the Civil War at the age
of 18. George was just a young boy
when he moved from Ohio to Illinois
with his Dad, Mom and two(2) sisters.
The oldest brother, James also brought
his family to Illinois. They came to
Illinois sometime between 1860-1864.
His father was a farmer, as most of the
Mowreys were.
George at the age of 20 years old, along
with his father's consent, married Lucinda
Cubberly. They were married by the Justice
of the Pease, T.S. Pippin. They had two
children. The second child died at birth,
Lucinda died of Brights Disease of the
Six months and five(5) days later, on 24
Oct 1879, George married his second
wife, Tempy Ann Wilburn, (my great
grandmother) who was 18 years old.
Consent was given by Tempy's step-
father Thomas J. Patterson.Tempy and
George were married by M. W. Hickerson,
a minster of the Gospel. They were married
in the home of Tempy's stepfather and mother.
Tempy was born in Clark Co., Indiana in 1861.
Her parents were Gilbert S. and Hanah (Smith)
Wilburn. Tempy and George had five (5) children,
three daughters, Martha Ann, Lucy Adda and
Nellie Margaret, two(2) sons George Lydle
Fredrick (my grandfather) and William Robert.
Tempy died 5 Jan 1897 at the age of 36 years
In February 1898, George married his third
wife, Elizabeth Hollingshead. George was a
farmer and lived in Pin Hook, Illinois (a small
rural area near Vandalia, Illinois), at the time
of his death. He died of Tuberculous 13 Nov
1901. He is buried in Pin Hook Cemetery,
Pin Hook, Illinois.
Source of the information that I obtained
was from the Vandalia Courthouse, Evans
Library in Vandalia, Illinois plus the family

7. Sarah Ellen Mowrey
Born: 28 April 1863 - Ohio
Died: 10 March 1939 - Edgewood, Effingham Co., Illinois
Buried: 12 March 1939 - Edgewood City Cemetery
Married: No Dates - A.J. Rose - No Dates

I have "Court Guardianship Papers" on Sarah
Ellen (Mowrey) Rose. I obtained these from
the courthouse in Effingham, Illinois. Her brother-in-law
Jonathan Idleman, was appointed her guardian, after
the death of her father Frederick A. Mowrey, due
to her being underage.

George Lydle Fredrick Mowrey (My Grandfather)

George Lydle Fredrick Mowrey
Born: 28 Aug 1888 - Loogootee, Fayette Co., Illinois
Died: 21 Aug 1979 - Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois
Buried: 24 Aug 1979 - Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois
Married: 12 Oct 1910 - Carrington, Foster Co., North Dakota
Wife #1 Mary Irene Beatrice Ridgeway
Born: 4 Oct 1890 - Virden, Illinois
Died: 23 Dec 1918 - Foster Co., North Dakata
Buried: 25 Dec 1918 - Carrington Cemetery, Carrington, North Dakota
Parents: James Marion and Mary Josephine (Whittler) Ridgeway

Grandpa & Grandma Mowrey

These were my Grandparents, Fred and Irene (Ridgeway) Mowrey

Grandma Irene Mowrey

My Dad's mother, Mary Irene Beatrice (Ridgeway) Mowrey
Photo taken Christmas - 1909. (My Grandmother)

Grandma Irene Mowrey

Grandma Irene Mowrey

Grandma Irene-Dad-Uncle Marlin

Grandma Irene Mowrey
Starting left: Dad & Uncle Marlin

Grandma Irene & Aunt Elna

Grandma Irene Mowrey & Aunt Elna

Children of George Lydle Fredrick and Mary Irene Beatrice (Ridgeway) Mowrey

Dad-Uncle Marlin-Aunt Elna

On the left is Dad-Center Aunt Elna,
Uncle Marlin-Right.

Dad-Aunt Elna-Grandma Irene Mowrey-Uncle Marlin

Grandma Irene Mowrey and Children.
Dad-Aunt Elna-Grandma-Uncle Marlin.

1. Lydle James Mowrey (My Father)
    Born: 23 Aug 1911 - Carrington, Foster Co., North Dakota
    Died: 8 Sept 1989 - Home - East Alton, Madison Co., Illinois
    Buried: 12 Sept 1989 - Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 20 Sept 1930 - Presho, South Dakota
    Mary Charlotte Baker
    Born: 20 Nov 1913 - Jersey Co., Illinois
    Died: 12 Sept 2001 - Alton Memorial Hosp. Alton, Illinois
    Buried: 16 Sept 2001 - Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois
    Parents: John Wesley and Cecelia Ann (Moore) Baker

Dad - Baby Picture

Dad's baby picture - 1911

Dad & Dog

Dad and his dog.
Don't know the
year picture taken.

Dad & Toy Horse

Dad on his homemade toy horse.
Year Unknown.

Dad & Wagon

Dad standing in his homemade wagon.
Look how big the wheels were.
Year Unknown..


This is how my Dad looked,
before he got sick and passed
on. Minus the beard.

Mom & Dad - Wedding Picture

Mom & Dad's Wedding Picture
20 September 1930.

Mom & Dad - 50th. Wedding Anniversary

Mom amd Dad's 50th. Wedding Anniversary/
Picture taken September - 1980 - Had a big
party for them.

Some information on Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad met in the year of 1928,
at the "Mid City Dance Hall" between Kane
and Carrollton, Illinois. My Dad worked as
a farm hand helping his father and going to school.
My Dad completed two years of High School.
My Mom attended school through the eighth grade.
She was the second highest pupil in the county for
good grades. My Mom was living with her grandparents,
Grandpa and Grandma Moore. At the age of three  months
her parents got a divorce. Grandma Moore was going to
send Mom on to High School, but before she graduated
from the eighth grade, Grandma Moore had passed on.
My Mom continued to live with Grandpa Moore. After the
passing of her Grandpa that was the end of Mom's schooling.
She had to get a job, because her mother had remarried and
my Mom chose to get a job. She went to work for an elderly
couple, cleaning house because of the ladies sickness. The name
was Babe Carrico and his wife.
In the summer of 1930, my Mom and her brother (Uncle Jack)
went to South Dakota to visit their father, Grandpa Baker. Uncle
Jack was going there to help his dad on the farm. Mom was just
going for a visit. My Dad , was going to North Dakota, Grandma Mowrey,
sisters, Aunt Elna and Aunt Dorothy were going just to visit.
My Dad was going to help his Uncle Pierce, as a farm hand
cutting wheat. My Mom and Uncle Jack followed Dad and his
family as far as Floyd City, Iowa. That is where they parted.
Mom and Uncle Jack going to South Dakota and Dad and
his family going to North Dakota.
Sometime in Sept of 1930, my Dad came  to Presho, South
Dakota to visit my Mom. They were married 20 Sept 1930,
in Presho, South Dakota in a parsonage of a Methodist
Church. My parents at the time went to work for Mom's dad
shucking corn. Some time during October or November, 1930,
my Mom along with her dad and stepmom came back to
Illinois for a visit and my Dad stayed there to do the farming.
My Mom was getting ready to leave Illinois to go back to
Presho, South Dakota when my Dad called and told
her to stay there because he was coming back. My dad had
gotten into it with his father-in-law. When dad got back to
Illinois, they lived with my Grandpa and Grandma Mowrey,
in Kane, Illinois. They only lived with them for a short time.
Mom and Dad went to live and work for George Watts on
his farm. My Dad and his father farmed the land for George
Watts. My Mom and Dad moved from place to place,
renting different houses in Kane.
In 1941 my Dad went to work for Western Cartridge Company
in East Alton, Illinois. My Grandpa Mowrey really got mad at
Dad for going to work there, instead of helping him farm. Dad
tried to explain to his Dad that he needed more money for his
My parents had eight children. Jimmy their first born, died
of Spinal Meningitis (they thought) and Bronchopneumonia,
at the age of 1 year - 4 months - and 24 days old. Bobby
the fourth born died of Double Pnuemonia at the age of 1
month - 27 days old.
In May 1942, my Mom went to work for Western Cartridge
Company. She started in the Metalic Loading Dept. as an
inspector. Later she went to the Brass Mill Dept. as a tractor
driver. This was during World War 11. My Mom had
several jobs during her young life. She started cleaning houses
at the age of thirteen. She worked as a waitress, worked in
a hotel doing odd jobs and worked in a Shoe Factory. At this
time my parents had four living children, Donna, Peggy, Gary
and Me. Western Cartridge Company is a big firearms and
ammunition plant (SuperX Ammo) and today is called Olin
In April of 1943 my parents moved us to a five room house.
(owned by the government) called the "Defense Area" in East
Alton, Illinois.
When my Dad left Olin he went to work for a cole company.
After that he went to work for Shell Oil Refinery. From there
he went to work on construction as a painter, and stayed with
that until retiring in 1975. My Mom retired from Olin in 1977,
with thirty-five years of service.
On 17 July 1950 my Mom gave birth to twin boys, Jerry Lee
and Larry Dean. They were born seven minutes apart, with Jerry
being the oldest. My parents has six living children..

Mowrey Family

Front Row: Dad (Bill) - Mom (Mary)
Back Left - Gary - Me - Larry (Twin) -
Peggy - Jerry (Twin) - Donna

Mom & Jimmy

Mom and Jimmy, her first born.
Assuming this picture was taken
sometime between Oct and Dec

Children of Lydle James (Bill) and Mary Charlotte (Baker) Mowrey

1. James Leroy Mowrey
    Born: 17 Oct 1931 - Jersey Co., Illinois
    Died: 11 March 1933 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Buried: Kane Cemetery, Kane, Illinois
    Cause of Death: Spinal Meningitis/Bronchopnuemonia


Jimmy 11 months old.
I was born on the same
day, same month, 8 years

2. Donna Mae Mowrey
    Born: 12 May 1934 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 7 Dec 1957 - East Alton, Illinois
    Thomas Whitten Halford
    Born: 26 Feb 1937
    Died: 26 Nov 1999 - At his Residence - Iuka, Illinois
   Buried: 29 Nov 1999 - Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Iuka, Illinois
   Parents: Ray and Grace (Whitten) Halford

Donna & Tommy

Donna and her son Tommy.
Picture taken 16 Sept 2001,
the day of my Mom's Funeral.

Children of Donna Mae Mowrey and Thomas Whitten Halford

1. Thomas Ray Halford
    Born: 28 Dec 1958 - Alton, Illinois
    Died: 26 Oct 2001 - Home - East Alton, Illinois
    Buried : 29 Oct 2001 - Kane Cemetery, Kane, Illinois
    Married: 1983
    Wife #1 Denise Rolff
    Born: Unknown

Children of Thomas Ray and Denise Halford

1. Tara Nicole Halford
    Born: 6 May 1983


Tara, Tommy's daughter.
Picture taken 2001.

Wife #2 Elizabeth Reed
              Born:  30 Sept 1966
              Married: 1990
              Parents:  Charles and Nelda (Ingram) Reed

Children of Thomas Ray and Elizabeth (Reed) Halford

1. Courtney Elizabeth Halford
    Born: 7 May 1990


This is Courtney, Tommy's
youngest daughter.

3. Peggy Delores Mowrey
    Born: 17 April 1935 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 20 Oct 1951 - Cherry St. Baptist Church, Alton, Illinois
    Harry Melvin Tate Jr.
    Born: 1 July 1928
    Parents: Harry Melvin Tate Sr and Frances


This is my sister and her 3 children.
Starting left: Debbie-Dawn-Peggy
(my sister) and Danny.

Children of Peggy Delores Mowrey and Harry Melvin Tate Jr.

1. Jan Tate - Twin
    Born: 24 Jan 1952 - Alton, Illinois
    Died: 24 Jan 1952 - Alton, Illinois
    Cause of Death: Premature
    Buried: Upper Alton Cemetery - Alton, Illinois
2. Jill Tate - Twin
    Born: 24 Jan 1952 - Alton, Illinois
    Died: 24 Jan 1952 - Alton, Illinois
    Cause of Death: Premature
    Buried: Upper Alton Cemetery - Alton, Illinois
3. Dawn Marie Tate
    Born: 29 June 1954 - Alton, Illinois
    Married: 30 August 1975 - Yucaipa, California
    Jeffery Kim Gaulke
    Born: 22 April 1951 - Burbank, California

Children of Dawn Marie Tate and Jeffery Kim Gaulke

1. James Bernard Gaulke
    Born: 4 Nov 1980
    College Student

4.  Deborah Kaye Tate
    Born: 25 July 1956 - Alton, Illinois
    Married: 6 May 1977 - Yucaipa, California
    Husband #1 - Keith Brian Long
    Born: 22 Feb 1956 - Oakland, California

Children of Deborah Kaye Tate and Keith Brian Long

1. Erin Marie Long
    Born: 20 May 1986 - Fontana, California
2. Zachery David Long
    Born: 4 May 1988 - Fontana, California

Husband #2 Wayne Henderson
Born: 2 March 1963 - Layton, Utah
Married: 4 Oct 1996 -
Parents: Mac James and Helen Louise (Chaple) Henderson

Wayne, Deb, Erin & Zach

Henderson Family, starting to the left
Wayne, Debbie, Zach, Erin in the back.
Debbie is my niece.

3. Daniel Aaron Tate
    Born: 6 March 1957 - Alton, Illinois
    Married: 3 Sept 1983 - Oak Glen, California
    Jill Suzanne Boone
    Born: 12 Jan 1962 - Redlands, California

Children of Daniel Aaron and Jill Suzanne (Boone) Tate

1. Sarah Suzanne Tate
    Born: 11 May 1987 - Redlands, California
2. Nicholas Boone Tate
    Born: 13 Dec 1989 - Redlands, California

Sarah, Danny, Jill & Nick

Tate Family - starting to the left
Sarah, Danny, Jill and Nick.
Danny is my nephew. This is an
older picture.

4. Robert Eugene Mowrey
    Born: 8 Nov 1936 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Died: 5 Jan 1937 - Kane, Illinois
    Buried: 6 Jan 1937 - Kane Cemetery, Kane, Illinois
    Cause of Death: Bronchial Pnuemonia -(Double Pnuemonia)

5. Gary Fredrick Mowrey
    Born: 20 Aug 1938 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 6 July 1960 - Cherry Street Baptist Church, Alton, Illinois
    Bertha May Heil
    Born: 8 Feb 1939 - East Alton, Madison Co., Illinois
    Parent: Quinton R. Hedrick and Pearl Lorraine Edwards

Berdie & Gary

Berdie and Gary - Brother and wife.

Children of Gary Fredrick and Bertha May (Heil) Mowrey

1. Steven Michael Mowrey
    Born: 10 Feb 1963 - Fort Huachuca, Arizona
2. Cathy Jo Mowrey
    Born: 3 Jan 1966 - Alton Memorial Hosp., Alton, Illinois

Steve Mowrey

Steve - Gary and Berdie's son

Cathy Mowrey

Cathy - Gary and Berdie's daughter

6. Patricia Ann Mowrey
    Born: 11 March 1941 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 18 Nov 1967 - Las Vegas, Nevada
    William Lindburg Emery
    Born: 28 April 1928 - Indianappolis, Indiana
    Died: 13 Feb 1987 - Home - Cottage Hills, Illinois
    Buried: Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Bethalto, Illinois
    Parents: Carl Emery and Rhoada Broglin
    Bill and I had no children.

Me & My Husband Bill

Me and husband Bill
Picture taken 1980's

Bill's Gravesite

This is my husband's Bill's gravesite.

7. Jerry Lee Mowrey (Twin)
    Born: 17 July 1950 - Wood River Township Hosp. Wood River, Ill.
    Wife #1 Carol Steinkraus
    Born: Unknown

Children of Jerry Lee and Carol (Steinkraus) Mowrey

1. Matthew Mowrey
    Born: 13 Aug 1975 -
    Melissa Zambrano
   Born: 13 Jan 1981

Children of Matthew Mowrey and Melissa Zambrano (Unmarried)

1. Damijion Mowrey
    Born: 16 Jan 1998
2. Domique Mowrey
    Born: 26 June 2000

Wife #2 Lisa Hayden
Born: 7 Jan 1962
Married: 5 March 2002 - Tennessee

Lisa & Jerry

Lisa & Jerry, Sister-in-law
& brother

8. Larry Dean Mowrey (Twin)
    Born: 17 July 1950 - Wood River Twp. Hosp. Wood River, Illinois
    Married: 10 March 1973 - First Baptist Church, East Alton, Illinois
    Victoria Clare Sladek
     Born: 24 Nov 1950 -
     Parents: Joseph Sladek and Clare

Children of Larry Dean and Victoria Clare (Sladek) Mowrey

1. John Christopher Mowrey
    Born: 30 April 1974 - St. Louis, Missouri
    Married: 9 Aug 1996
    Tammy Lynn Crawford
    Born: 23 Dec 1974
    No Children
2. Bryan Trevor Mowrey
    Born: 4 Sept 1975 - Alton, Illinois
    Married: 11 Nov 2000 - St. Louis Missouri
    Rachel Marie Douglass
    Born: 29 Oct 1976
    No Children
3. Michele Katherine Mowrey
    Born: 11 July 1978 - Alton, Illinois
    Derrick VanOppen
    Born: Unknowen

Children of Michele Katherine Mowrey and Derrick VanOppen (Unmarried)

1. Cody Evan VanOppen
    Born: 12 Dec 1997

4. Jessica Dawn Mowrey
    Born: 28 Feb 1981 - Alton, Illinois
5. William Joseph Mowrey
     Born: 7 Sept 1983 - Centralia, Illinois
6. Michael Preston Mowrey
    Born: 5 Nov 1989 - Columbia, Missouri

2. Marlin George Mowrey
    Born: 13 Jan 1913 - Carrington, Foster Co., North Dakota
    Died: 22 Aug 1990 - Dutzow, Missouri
    Buried: Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 30 March 1932
    Elknah Harriette Young
    Born: 24 July 1910
    Died: 5 July 2000 - Washington, Missouri
    Buried: Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois

Aunt Elke & Uncle Marlin

Uncle Marlin and Aunt Elke Mowrey
Picture taken: 31 March 1990

Children of Marlin George and Elknah Harriette (Young) Mowrey

1. Helen Mae Mowrey
    Born: 5 July 1933
    Married: 13 May 1950
    Frank John Koper
    Born: 19 April 1927
    Death: 2001 - Washington, Missouri


Helen (Mowrey) Koper (cousin)

Children of Helen Mae Mowrey and Frank John Koper

1. David Francis Koper
    Born: 12 Jan 1952
2. Steve John Koper
    Born: 27 April 1953
3. Mary Ellen Koper
    Born: 22 Aug. 1954
4. Joan Marie Koper
    Born: 14 Nov 1955
5. Michael Joseph Koper
    Born: 14 Mar 1957
    Married: 10 April 1976
    Linda Lee Edwards
    Born: 10 Dec 1950
    Parents: Warren Lee and Jean Marie (Kunkle) Edwards

Children of Michael Joseph and Linda Lee (Edwards) Koper

1. Jennifer Marie Koper
    Born: 16 May 1979 - St. John's Mercy Med. Center, Creve Coeur, Mo.
2. Michael Joseph Koper Jr.
    Born: 12 Aug 1982 - St. John's Mercy Med. Center, Creve Coeur, Mo.

6. Martha Christene Koper
    Born: 4 July 1959

2. Joan Kay Mowrey
    Born: 6 April 1939
    Married: 15 June 1956
    Donald James Loftus
    Born: 7 April 1937
    Living: Unknown


JoAnn (Mowrey) Ruether (cousin)

Children of Joan Kay Mowrey and Donald James Loftus

1. Vickie Lynn Loftus
    Born: 1 May 1957
2. Gregory Philip
    Born: 4 April 1959

Husband #2 Al Ruether
Born: Unknown
Married: Unknown

3. Joyce Jane Mowrey
    Born: 3 Sept 1940 - Kane, Greene Co., Illinois
    Married: 5 June 1965
    Dennis Frank Marquart
    Born: 26 June 1940 - Washington, Missouri
    Parents: Edwin Henry and Vernita Ann (Dieckhaus) Marquart


Janie (Mowrey) Marquart (cousin)

Children of Joyce Jane Mowrey and Dennis Frank Marquart

1. Shelly Ann Marquart
    Born: 10 Oct 1966 - Washington, Missouri
    Married: 31 March 1990
    Matthew Edward Tolliver
    Born: 9 March 1968 - St. Louis, Missouri
    Parents: Sherman William and Janet Gay (Parsons) Tolliver

Children of Shelly Ann Marquart and Matthew Edward Tolliver

1. Amanda Lynn Tolliver
    Born: 1 Aug 1984 - St. Louis, Missouri
2. Rachel Jane Tolliver
    Born: 26 March 1991 - St. Louis, Missouri
3. Nicole Marlin Tolliver
    Born: 4 Jan 1994 - St. Louis, Missouri
4. Matthew Dennis Tolliver
    Born: 11 Nov 1998 - St. Louis, Missouri

3. Elna Lorene Mowrey
    Born: 14 Feb 1917 - Grace City, North Dakota
    Died: 17 September 2002 - Jerseyville, Illinois
    Buried: 20 September - Kane Cemetery, Kane, Illinois
    Married: 8 July 1933 - Jerseyville, Illinois
    Dual Bruce Crawford
    Born: 10 Sept 1916
    Died: 02  Feb 1980 - Jerseyville, Illinois
    Buried: Kane Cemetery, Greene Co., Illinois

Aunt Elna

Aunt Elna
Photo taken: Unknown

Aunt Elna & Uncle Dual

Aunt Elna & Uncle Dual
Photo taken: Unknown

Aunt Elna & Uncle Dual

Aunt Elna & Uncle Dual
Photo taken: Unknown

Aunt Elna & Uncle Duel

Aunt Elna & Uncle Dual

Children of Elna Lorene Mowrey and Dual Bruce Crawford

1. Robert Dual Crawford
    Born: 15 February 1934
    Died: 24 December 1934

Robert Dual Crawford

Robert Dual Crawford
Photo taken 1934

Carl & Bruce

Carl & Bruce
Photo taken 1940's ?

2. David Bruce Crawford
    Born: 15 Feb 1936


Bruce Crawford (cousin)

3. Carl Dwight Ceawford
    Born: 2 Sept 1941


Carl Crawford (cousin)

Aunt Elna, Carl, & Bruce

Aunt Elna, Carl, & Bruce
Photo taken: Unknown

Aunt Elna & Grandma Mowrey

Aunt Elna & Grandma "Harda" Mowrey
Photo taken: Unknown

The only thing I know at the moment about
the life of Grandpa Mowrey and Grandma
Irene, is the they farmed in Nordmore Twp.
in Carrington, North Dakota.

Wife #2  Harda Thedora Thorenson
Born: 2 July 1898 - Christensund, Norway
Died: 4 April 1990 - Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois
Buried: 7 April 1990 - Kane Cemetery. Greene Co., Illinois
Married: 1 Feb 1921 - Fargo, North Dakota
Parents: Dick and Nichalenia (Stokke) Thorenson

Grandpa & Grandma Mowrey

Grandpa and Grandma Mowrey.
I don't know when picture was

Children of Fred and Harda (Thorenson) Mowrey

1. Dorothy N. Mowrey
    Born: 3 Nov 1921 - Grace City, North Dakota
    Married: Roy Cummings
    Born: 17 April 1921
    Died: Oct 1992

Aunt Dorothy-Uncle Roy

Aunt Dorothy-Uncle Roy

Some very interesting information I found on my Grandma Harda Mowrey's
father - Dick Thorenson.

Grandma Mowrey's father was Dick Thorenson.
He was known as "Blind Dick". He came from
Norway to Barlow, North Dakota to live. He
planned to send for his wife whenever he had
enough money. Before he was able to do this,
he became very ill and lost his eyesite. After
he regained his health, he started  a small
Gasoline Station even tho he was blind. He
used the dry hose type pump on his driveway,
and was able to set the stop for the amount
of gasoline he ordered. He kept accurate
record of the gasoline he sold by a "Pebble
Can" system, which he devised. One can
containing a number of small pebbles which
equaled the gasoline he had on hand, the other
can was empty when he began his week. For
every gallon of gasoline sold, he would transfer
a pebble to the empty can. He recognized silver
money by his highly developed sense of touch
and he never accepted currency from a stranger,
unless someone he knew was present to verify
the denomination. He kept track of these bills,
by placing the largest denomination on the bottom
of his stack, then relying on his memory, which
rarely failed him. He could tell who most of the
people were that came by, by the sound of their
cars, or by their footsteps. People claimed that
he was cheated out of very little money. Twenty
years after he first came here, he was finally able
to send for his wife.
Source of the above information was obtained
from a book I have, called "A History of Foster
County", which is in Carrington, North Dakota.