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~~My Pets~~
~Pat's Castle~
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Cat Lover

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Tom Jones

What's New PussyCat
By Tom Jones.

Cat Running

Cat Jumping

Black Cat Scratching on wall

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.



This is Littlegirl...I have had her for 11 years.
When I play with her, I aggravate her alot...then she
gets mad at me...and shows me who's boss. She is always
by me when I am on the computer...She likes to lay on my
lap...She is a sweetheart...when she is not trying to be
the boss. Her special domain is the computer room...She is in here 95% of the time.



This is Mama. She has the prettiest
face and the prettiest blue eyes.
This picture was taken on 12-20-2001
at the Kennel. This is where she is
at now for the holidays, along with
the five others, (three of which is
hers). She is the only one of my
cats that likes to go outside.
She is a very gentle cat...Loves
to be scratched back by her tail.
She will come up to me and turn
around, with her butt facing me,
wanting me to scratch by her tail.
Mama was born: May, 1997.
I call her Mama-see-na, sometimes.



This is Blackie. At the kennel,
they call him Mr. Attitude. He
belongs to Mama. He also is at the
kennel for the holidays. Everytime
I get ready to eat, he is right
there beside me alsmost sticking his
face in my food. If not his face, he
takes his paw and trys to get in my plate.
He is a sweetheart...Very gentle. He was
born: March 31, 1998. This picture was also
taken Dec 20, 2001, at the kennel. Oh by the
way they have the run of the kennel, they let
them do what they want. At the kennel they
call them their kids and cuties. Right now
they are all there until after the holidays.
All (6) of them.



This is Buffy. He also belongs to Mama.
I call him Buffy or Buffa. He also is at
the kennel for the holidays. He should have
been a she. He is thin, long legs and tall.
He is the whinner. He follows me every where
I go. Mostly to the kitchen and bathroom and
always talking (whinning) I call it. Very
gentle also. He was born: March 31, 1998.


This ia another picture of Buffy
at the kennel, sitting on the
window seal. This picture taken
Dec. 20,2001.



This is Tippy. He also belongs
to Mama. This picture was taken
Dec. 20, 2001 at the kennel. He
weighs 22 lbs. and is all muscle.
He is the Lover of all Lovers. So
sweet and so gentle. He is always
laying beside me on the couch, as
close to me as he can get. Loves too
be petted, also loves too be scratched,
down on his back by his tail. He is so
tall and big for a cat. Biggest I ever
seen. He was born: March 31, 1998.


This is Tippy again. (Lover Boy).
Picture taken 12-20-2001 at the

Buffy on top Tippy down below

This is Buffy and Tippy again.
Picture taken 12-20-2001 at the
kennel. They are buddies. When
one of them is not laying beside
me, (are both), they are in a chair
with each other all snuggled up
together in different positions.
At the kennel, when they put them
up for the evening in their big cages
or stalls, Buffy and Tippy are together.
They also play together, smacking one
and other, and of course Buffy is always
whinning at Tippy when she has him down
on the floor..Very cute to watch them two.
In this picture, they are on a big scratch
tower, by the window, at the kennel. Buffy
is on the first round, and Tippy is on the
bottom round of the tower.


This is Blackie again.
"Mr.Attitude" as they
call him at the kennel.
Picture taken 12-20-2001
at the kennel.

Felix walking back and forth


This is Mr. Attitude again.
Cant tell if that is Buffy
or Cookie under the table.
Havent added Cookie yet.
Picture taken 12-20-2001
at the kennel


Well, look at "Mr. Attitude".
All stretched out on the floor,
with the sun going across his
body, making him look like he
has a strip on him. But he is
pure black and very shiny coat
of hair. I see a ball to the left
of him, maybe he is playing with
ball. Picture taken 12-20-2001
at the kennel.


Lover Boy again (Tippy)
Picture taken 12-20-2001
at the kennel.

My Sweet OREO


This is Oreo, the last one of Mama's kids.
Oreo was a sweetheart. He got sick in Feb.
2000. Was in the hospital for three days.
Thought he was going too be ok...but he
died on Valentine's Day...I had him cremented.
He is in a very beautiful light blue very small
sealed urn...with pretty flowers on it and his
date of birth and his passing...and his name. I
have it in my curio cabinet...I sure miss him alot.
OREO: Born: March 31, 1998...Died: February, 14,2000.
Him and Blackie were really good Buffy
and Tippy are.



This is my baby girl...She is
so loving, sweet, gentle and
a ham. She is the mama to Cookie.
I set on the sofa and she is either
in my lap or laying on the arm of sofa
right beside me. This picture was taken
12-20-2001 at the kennel...She is there
along with the 5 other cats for the



Cookie belongs to Sally.
He is Sally's son.
The reason for the name,
is because he looks so much like Oreo.
Cookie is very very protective of his
mama (Sally). No matter where she is
Cookie is right there. He loves for you
to scratch back by his tail...He does flip
flops all kinds of little ditties. When I
stop scratching him, he will take his paw
very gently and swipe at me, letting me know
that he wants me to continue to scratch. This
picture was also taken on 12-20-2001 at the


This is Cookie again.
Picture taken 12-20-2001
at the kennel.


Cookie again. Picture taken
at the kennel, 12-20-2001.


This is "Cookie" again.
Picture taken-week of 12-20-01
At the Kennel.


This is "Blackie" again.
Quote "Mr. Attitude",
Quote "Mr Blackston"
They give him all
kinds of names at the kennel.
Picture taken week of 1-1-02
at the kennel.


This is "Lil".
Belongs to Nancy,
at the kennel.
She takes such
great care of my cats,
and loves them to death.


This is "Katy".
Nancy's other cat.
She looks like
my outside cat,


This is "Cookie" again.
Picture taken week of
1-1-02 at the kennel.


This is Patty's cat.
Patty is a very very
"Sweet" and "Caring"
lady, and now a very
"Dear Friend",
that I met on the
internet :)))

Pam's Cat

This is Pam's cat.
Pam is owner of the
kennel, where I take
my cats. A very "Sweet"

~~My Pets~~

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