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Johnny Horton

North To Alaska
By Johnny Horton.

ALASKA CRUISE AND LAND VACATION...(12 days)...Aug/Sept, 2000

Sun Princess Cruise Ship

This was the cruise ship
we were on. Sun Princess


Captain of the Sun Princess


Gary (brother) Me next to Gary.
Berdie (sister-in-law) to the left.
Shirley (cousin) on the right.
We are at Minn/St.Paul Airport.
waiting on the plane to take us
to Vancouver, Canada to board ship.

Left Minn./St.Paul on August 21, 2000. Flew into Vancouver.
Went through customs. Boarded ship. Ship left Vancouver at
5:00 pm.

First night Monday August 21st.
Met John our steward.
All our rooms were next to
each other. Unpacked and went
to have a light lunch. Looked
around at different places on
the ship. Ate in the dining
room dressed like we were, after
that there was a dress code. Went
to a stage show and to a lounge.
Went back to our rooms at 12:30 am.
Everyone congregated in mine and
Donna's room because we were in
the middle. Their rooms being on
each side of ours.


Kenny on the left, Shirley next
to him, and Gary setting across
the table. Had only been on the
ship about 30 mins. Ship still
docked in Vancouver. They went
up to have a lite lunch on the
top deck of the ship. Donna and
I were still unpacking. We went
up a few minutes later.

Pat & John (steward)

Me and John, our steward.
He was our steward through
out the cruise. He was really
a sweetheart.

Pat & Donna's Room

This is mine and Donna's room
aboard ship. Looking through
dresser mirror, you can see
our refrigerator, small bar,
and tv at the top. Open door
is our bathroom and shower
all trimmed in gold. Very
nice accommodations.

Dinner Just boarded ship 3 hours ago

Had only been on board ship
for about 3 hours. this was
our first dinner. They let
you come as you were dressed.
After that there was a dress code.
Me in front, to my right Gary
(my brother) Berdie (sister-in-law)
Shirley (cousin) Kenny (cousin)
Donna (sister).

Tuesday August 22nd. First Full Day At Sea
Got up at 7:00 am, ate breakfast at 7:30.
I learned to use my video camera by my
brother Gary. Went to a big sale. Captain's
Party tonight, (long gowns and all). They
took a group picture of us all dressed up
at 7:30. Ate dinner at 8:30. We had the
best waitress, her name was Esther Chavez,
from Cancun, Mexico, and her busboy George.
They were our waitress and busboy through
out the cruise.Went to a stage show, Ragtime
Rock & Roll...REAL GOOD. Went to the lounge
again. I got sick and had to go to the ship's
medical department. They gave me some medicine,
thought I was sea sick.


This is Esther, our waitress.
Berdie, my sister-in-law.
George our busboy. They were
our waitress and busboy thru
the whole cruise. We had a ball
with them every night at dinner.
My brother Gary was always
teasing Esther. They were such
a joy too be around.

Captain's Party

Top is Me, to the right is Donna (sister),
in front of me is Gary (brother), in front
of Gary is his wife, Berdie, (my sisterinlaw),
to the left of Berdie is Kenny (my cousin),
in front is Shirley his wife, (my cousin).
Formal Dinner.

Wednesday August 23rd. Ketchikan
Boat docked at 2:00 am. Set clocks back one hour to Alaska
time. Had too be back on board ship by 1:30 pm, ship sailed
at 2:00. We took a horse and buggy ride through the whole
town. Picture down below is Salmon we seen going up stream.
I got to feeling worse, so had to go see the ship's doctor.
Had a bad case of inflamation in the bronical tubes.
Had to have breathing treaments, once in the
morning and once in the evening, for the next
five days. Went to a comedy show. I was chosen to
participate in the comedy show, in front of
almost 1000 tourist. I didn't know what I was
getting myself into until it was too late.
It was my most embarrassing time on the cruise.
Audience, including my family laughed so hard
they almost peed their pants. Good thing I had
on a slack outfit. :)))

Ketchikan, Alaska

First Town of Alaska
Ketchikan, Alaska
Salmon capital of the

Swool of Salmon-Ketchikan, Alaska

Swool of Salmon,
Ketchikan, Alaska
Picture taken by Pat

Thursday August 24th. Juneau
Big Adventure.
Glacier Panorama Dog Sled Ride.
Flew over Mendenhall Glacier and
Green Mountain, by helicopter.
Our sled driver was Tom. Gary,
Berdie and myself were on one
sled. Gary stood on the back
and was the brakeman. I found a
favorite dog, his name was Murphy.
When we got back to the heliport,
they had a gift shop and I found
a stuffed animal that looked just
like Murphy, so I bought him. Murphy
was my pal throughout the cruise.
This dog sled ride was the highlight
of all the things we did on the cruise.
Oh,almost forgot, we had a snow ball fight,
after the dog sled ride, on Mendenhall Glaciers.

Six of us & dog sled

Six of us standing
by the sled and dogs
at Mendenhall Glacier.
Murphy is the dog on the
left with tongue hanging


This is Murphy my stuffed animal.
Now the real Murphy up above, the
dog on the left with his tongue
hanging out, now doesn't Murphy
my stuffed animal, look like him?
You bet your sweet bippy he does :)))

Gary (my brother)

This is my brother Gary.
Dang still in his robe.
See that look on his face?
He came in to our room
early in the morning, just
to torment "Murphy" and box
him around. He mean mean to
"Murphy"...But I take up for
"Murphy" :)))

Friday August 25th. Skagway Day 5
The four of us girls took a bus
tour thru the city. We saw a live
stage show...visited some old
buriel grounds. The two guys went
horse back riding. Plus did some
shopping. Did shopping in every
town. :)))


Me...Just got off the ship
to go into Skagway.

Berdie and Gary

Berdie and Gary...just got
off ship...getting ready to
go into Skagway.

Saturday August 26th. Glacier Bay
Ship anchored here for several
hours. We took some great pictures.
My sister-in-law Berdie got some
pictures of the ice breaking and
falling in to the water. We also seen
sharks. We seen some people stranded
on one of the islands waving a white
flag. Our ship sent out a rescue boat,
however, they waited for another rescue
boat. Their kayak had floated away from
the bank and left them stranded. About
2:30 in the afternoon they had an auction.
My cousin Kenny got to auction off one of
the pictures. People were in awe when they
heard him auction...Guess they were use to
the high class auctioneers. He is very good.
He has his own auction business here at home.
After dinner went to a piano bar and played
Name that Tune. Tonight was the Champagne
Party. They had a stack of champagne glasses
13 rows high and started at the top pouring
champagne until all glasses were filled...I took
part in help filling the glasses...:)))

Champagne Glasses

Pat...I am filling Champagne
Glasses, to hurry them up so
I can have a glass...Haaa...:)))

Sunday August 27th. At Sea
This is our last day aboard
ship. We leave ship tomorrow.
Boo!!! Hoo!!!.
We all got cash from the purser
to tip all the help. Had to have
our suitcases packed and set
outside our room. Had to pack
a bag for the next day. They
take care of all suitcases.
Our suitcases will now go
to Anchorage at the hotel
we are staying in and be in our
hotel rooms when we get there.
We all had to buy a small piece
of luggage with wheels on it
to put all the stuff
we bought from each town and board
the ship. I even had to buy an extra
duffle bag..couldnt get all the stuff
in the suitcase I bought...:))). We
are now at College Fjord Glaciers.
We ate talked...ate and talked again.
Me and Shirley (my cousin) took a tour
of the galley and met the executive
chef. Couldnt believe all the stoves,
ovens and refridgeraters they had. And
all the food. Was a very impressive
kitchen...spotless. After dinner we
went to a talent to vote
for the best one. They were tourist from
the ship...Had some good talent. After
that we went back to our rooms..Had to
get up early in the morning, because
we were leaving the ship for good
at around 2:00pm.

College Fjord Glaciers

This is College Fjord Glaciers.
Picture was taken from the top
deck of the ship.

Me and Executive Chef

Me and the Executive Chef
in the Galley. He is a very
jolley man. My cousin Shirley
took this picture.

Monday August 28th. Leaving Ship :(((
So sad. What a time of our lives.
Got up early ate breakfast. Had too
be out of our rooms by noon. Walked
around the ship. Ate lunch, our last
meal aboard ship. Walked some more,
telling the staff bye. Buses would be
there at 2:00 pm to take us in to
Seward. Being on this cruise was the
time of our lives. They treated you
like royality. And believe me you
felt like royality. In Seward we
had about four hours before we left
for Anchorage. Went to Sea World a
huge indoor place. After that we walked
the town. Had lots of gift shops. Bought
more "STUFF".

Seward, Alaska

This is the town where the
ship dropped us off. Spent
about 4 hours here, before
leaving on a huge bus to
take us to Anchorage, Alaska.
About a 4 hour trip. Anchorage
is where the land vacation started.
Land vacation consists of 5 days.
Now we start paying for our own food,
from here on through the end of the
vacation. But!!! that is the only thing
we have to pay for, except "STUFF" we buy. :)))

Donna (sister)

Donna in Seward, Alaska.
Standing by the bus that
will take us the 4 hour
drive to Anchorage, Alaska.
That is where the land
vacation starts for 5
more days.

SO SO SAD!!! :((( This is the end
of the cruise. On page (2) will
start the (5) day land trip thru
I want to give credit to "MY LOVELY
SISTER-IN-LAW" Berdie. She kept a
daily log of everything we did. All
the text was written by her. I just
added tidbits here and there. Also
want to give credit to "MY SUPER
BROTHER" Gary. He supplied a lot
of pictures for this page. Thanks
to you both, couldn't have done it
without you guys. THANKS (*_~)

Family by helecopter

This is the six of us.
Just got off the helicopter
that brought us here, to
Mendenhall Glaciers for
dog sled riding.


Me on dog sled.

Murphy and Gary

This is my mean brother Gary's
hand. Ever since I bought Murphy,
everyday he would come in our room
on the ship, and either hit Murphy
on the head or box him in the face.
Murphy don't like Gary. :)))

Skagway, Alaska

This is a picture of our
ship the Sun Princess
docked in Skagway. I took
this picture while I was in town.

Donna and Pat

Donna and Pat...just got
off the ship...going into

Donna-Tour Guide-Pat

This is the bus driver/tour guide
that showed us the city of Skagway
and it's history. She also recommended
the live stage show we saw.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay
This is only one of many
icebergs we seen, while
anchored at Glacier Bay.

Berdie and Gary

My brother and sister-in-law,
Gary and Berdie, standing on
the top deck of the ship at
Glacier Bay.

Gary and Me

Gary and me standing on the
top deck of the ship while
anchored at Glacier Bay.

Dinner/Champagne Party

Dinner...Before the Champagne
Party started. Seated and starting
from the right...Gary...Berdie...Shirley
Standing and starting from the right,