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~~In Loving Memory Of Thomas Ray Halford~~
~Pat's Castle~
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This page is going to be dedicated,
to my nephew Tommy, who passed away
on October 26,2001.


First of all when Tommy got
older, he wanted everyone
to start calling him Tom.
Of course Aunt Pat always
called him Tommy, ever since
he was born.
Tommy was born on December
28, 1958...died October 26,
2001. Parents were Tom
Halford and Donna Mowrey.
He spent all his life in
East Alton, Illinois. He
graduated from East Alton
Wood River Community High
School in 1977.
Went to work for Olin Corp.
(Ammunition guru, maker of
Super X ammo and Winchester
rifles). He worked for them
for over 20 years.
He had two children:
Tara Nicole Halford
(She's in college now).
Courtney Elizabeth Halford
(She's in fifth grade).
Besides fishing ( his favorite
thing he loved most), he loved
birds and birdhouses. He would
go out and sit on the patio with
his coffee and watch the birds.
Tommy was a very hard worker.
He was a very lovable person,
and had a heart of gold. Would
give you the shirt off his back,
if you needed it,
He will and is sadly missed by all.
Don't Let The Big One Get Away, Tommy.

Tommy's Coffee Mug

Here's your Coffee
Mug, Tommy.

Strawberry Fields by
the "Beatles" was Tommy's
favorite song.

The Beatles

Animated Dove


Birthday Memorial

This "Memorial" was written by
my niece, Debbie Henderson.
She was on the airplane, coming
from California, to Tommy's

Tommy Fishing

Don't Let The
Big One Get Away.

Tommy in Boat

Tommy loved to fish.
He would go out in
his boat, either on
the lake or river and
fish for hours.

Animated Fish


Tommy loved birds and birdhouses.
He use to sit on the patio and
watch the birds for hours at a
time. When he went up to the
trailers, he would sit on the
bank and fish and watch the birds.
While we were at the trailer, he
would holler Aunt Pat, do you know
what kind of bird that is? He could
tell you the name of every bird.



Here I will be adding photos
of Tommy from the time he was
born, until he passed on.

Birth Announcement

Tommy (birth)

Tommy, right after he was
born in 1958.

Tommy Couple Months Old

Tommy is a couple months old.

Tommy A Few Months

Tommy a few months old.

Donna & Tommy

Donna and Tommy. She trying
to teach him to walk.

Tommy Almost one year

Tommy, almost a year old.

Tommy March 1961

Tommy, the photo was taken
in March, 1961

Tommy Grandma's Kitchen

Tommy in my Mom's kitchen.
Photo taken March 1962.

Tommy 4 years

Tommy was 4 years old in this photo.


These are my twin brothers, starting
at the left, Larry-Tommy & Jerry.
Picture was taken at my Mom's house.


Awe-Oh Tommy had a black eye.


Tommy was 5 or 6 years old
in this photo.

Christmas 1964

This picture was taken
at Christmas - 1964.


This picture was taken
when Tommy was 6 or 7
at Disneyland in California.

Grade School

This picture was taken when
he was in grade school. Not
sure how old he was.

Grade School

Also grade school.
Not sure of his age.

Donna and Tommy

Donna and Tommy when he
was in grade school.

Tommy-Sept 1966

Tommy almost 8 years old.
And loving fishing already.
Picture taken in Sept. 1966.


Starting at the left. This is Steven
and Tommy. Steven is my brother
Gary's son. Picture taken Sept. 1966.

Tommy, Clay, Tommy & Tippy

These two photos were together.
The top one is Tommy and Clay,
his cousin. They are attending
Tommy's Dad's funeral in the
late 1990's.
The bottom photo is Tommy and
Tippy, his first dog, kneeling
in front of his Dad's old truck.

Tommy & Family

Tommy & Family - Grants Station

8th. Grade

He was in the 8th. grade
in this photo.

High School

Tommy in high school.

High School

Tommy when he was in
high school.


Tommy's High School
Graduation, 1978

Tommy & Tara

Tommy and Tara, his oldest

Tara and Grandpa Tom

Tommy's daughter Tara.
Tommy's dad Tom.


Tara, Tommy's oldest daughter.


Tommy in his 20's.

Tommy & Daughters

Tommy and daughters.
Tara (oldest) on the
left. Courtney (Youngest)
on the right.

Tommy's Family

Donna, Tommy and his
two daughters. Tara
and Courtney.

Tommy on Motorcycle

Tommy and one of his many
motorcycles. He had several.
He really liked them. He was
a "Harley" man.


This is Tommy's youngest
daughter, Courtney.

Tara 2001

This is Tara now. Tommy's
oldest daughter. Photo
taken 2001.


Tara, photo taken 2001


Tara - 2001


Tara - 2001

Donna & Tommy

Donna and Tommy. This photo
was taken the day of my Mom's
Funeral. They are in the back
yard of my mom's house, for the
dinner after the funeral. Six
weeks and two days later Tommy
passed away. What a shock to
everyone. This was Donna's only

Tommy & Courtney

This picture was taken of
Tommy and Courtney at the
Mowrey Family Reunion in
September 2001.

Tommy & Gary

Tommy and his Uncle Gary
at the Mowrey Family
Reunion, Sept. 2001.
The reunion was held at
Donna's house.

Courtney & Tommy

Courtney and her Dad Tommy.
Courtney playing Miss Barber
Shop and giving Tommy a shave.
This photo was taken in Oct.
2001. The last picture of
Tommy. He passed away at
home, Donna's house Oct. 26th.
2001. Who would have thought
that this would be the last
picture of Tommy and that he
wouldn't be with us. So Sad.

Cross & Dove

Funeral Memorial