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~Pat's Castle~
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~Tumbling Tumbleweed~
   By ~Sons of the Pioneers~

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Gary & Mariah

Gary on Mariah on New Years
Day, 2002 at Monkey Mountain.
He took his two sisters. What
Cowgirls they were, and lookers :)))

Me & Rusty

Me and Rusty on New Years
Day at Monkey Mountain.
Boy what a time Gary had
with his two sisters. :)))

Donna & Wendy

Donna and Wendy New Years
Day, 2002 at Monkey Mountain.
Wendy is the mother to Mariah,
the horse that Gary is on. Now
are we not the "Cowgirls' and
wow what "Lookers" we are.
Yeah Right. :)))

Pat & Donna

Me and Donna...Boy take a look
at two real "Cowgirls" :)))



Pat, Donna & Horse Trailer

Donna and Me. This is what we
looked like when we finished
riding horses. It was Donna's
first time and my second. We had
on long underwear, knit hats, gloves.
It was cold. Rode for about 3 hours.
Up and down hills, across gulleys,
scratched by running in to tree limbs.
What a day Gary had with us. Poor Gary
bet he was glad when the ride was over. :)))

Gary 2nd from back

Gary is the one 2nd. from back.
Don't know where or when photo
was taken.

Gary on Tractor

Gary on his tractor, that he re-did
himself. Picture taken at his ranch.

Grandma  Mowrey & Donna

Grandma Mowrey and Donna at
Mom and Dad's house. Christmas

Dad, Tommy & Donna

Tommy (Donna's son) Dad and
Donna (my sister). Picture taken
Sept. 2, 1989 at Mom and Dad's
home. My Dad died six (6) days

Aunt Dorothy,Janie,Joann,Grandma Mowrey

Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Elna (Dad's sisters)
Janie (cousin) Joann (cousin) and Grandma
Mowrey at Mom and Dad's 50th. Wedding

Unckle Ray-Uncle Jack-Mom-Aunt Lela

Mom - Brothers & sister.
Back left - Uncle Ray -
Uncle Jack - front left -
Mom - Aunt Lelia

Aunt Lela & Mom

Aunt Lelia (left, Mom's sister)
and Mom at one of the family
reunions- Medora, Illinois.

Dad Aunt Dorothy Aunt Elna Grandma Mowrey

Dad, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Elna (his sisters)
and Grandma Mowrey at one of the Mowrey
Family Reunions.

Dad, his brother and sisters

Aunt Dorothy (left), Dad, Aunt Elna,
Uncle Marlin in back, at Mom and Dad's
house, Aug 27, 1989. Dad's sisters
and brother.

Grandma-Aunt Elna-Uncle Dual-Grandpa- Mom

Grandpa Mowrey's 90th. Birthday-1978
From left: Grandma Mowrey-behind her
Aunt Elna-Uncle Dual- Grandpa Mowrey
sitting-Mom sitting.

Grandma Mowrey

Grandma Mowrey at one of the
Mowrey Family Reunions.

Grandpa Dad Grandma amd Mom

Grandpa Mowrey, Dad
Grandma Mowrey and
Mom, at Mom and Dad's
house, Jan 1968.

Grandpa Mowrey & Dad

Grandpa Mowrey & Dad - 1977

Pat & Grandpa Mowrey

Me and Grandpa Mowrey
Family Reunion - 1975

George Jr. Aunt Lela Uncle Jack

George Jr. (my cousin) Aunt Lelia (Mom's Sister).
Man in the back, next to fireplace is Uncle Jack,
Mom's brother. Picture taken at Mom and Dad's
50th. Wedding Anniversary Party, Sept. 1980.

Mowrey Family Reunion 1966

Mowrey Family Reunion at my Grand pa's
cabin, 1966. In front is my Dad, to the left
is my grandpa,(Dad's Dad), to the right is
Grandma Mowrey. Back left is Aunt Elna,
Dad's sister and Dad's brother Uncle Marlin,
and Aunt Dorothy, Dad's sister.

Mom & Kenny

Mom and Kenny (cousin) at my niece's
gift shop in Oak Glen, Calif, Oct. 1996.


Me-Kenny-Mom at
Universal Studios in
California-Oct. 1996

Donna & Pat New Years Day 2003

Donna & Me at Gary and
Berdie's - New Years Day

Donna, Gary & Pat New Yeas Day 2003

Donna, Gary & Me at Gary's house
New Years Day 2003

Berdie & Gary New Years Day 2003

Berdie & Gary New Years Day 2003