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Winking Smiley


Wavy Flag


Nat King Cole

This song is dedicated ...
to my "MOM"...who passed
away...Sept 12th, 2001.
I Love and Miss you MOM.
"Unforgetable" by
Nat King Cole and
Natalie Cole.

Doves - Mom and Dad

Pair of Doves
One each for
Mom and Dad



This is my Mom...a very classy lady...not only being Mother and Daughter...she was my best friend.
I just lost my Mother on September 12, 2001...she was 87 years old...same age in this photo...she would have turned
88 years old on November 20th...we (her children) had already made plans where we were going to take her for dinner. She loved to go out and eat...she also loved to travel.
If you met my LIKED her...If you knew my Mom...
you LOVED her...I will miss her ever so deeply.


Another photo of a "VERY CLASSY LADY"
My MOM :)))

Mom and Dad


This is my Mom and Dad's Wedding Photo.
They were married September 20, 1930 in
Presho, South Dakota.


Mom, 15 or 16 years old in this picture


This is my "Pretty" Mother.
Not sure of when picture
was taken.

Mowrey Family

Mowrey Family
The Before::)))
Back left-Me-Dad-Mom-Donna-Peggy
Sitting-Grandpa & Grandma Mowrey
Front left-Jerry-Gary-Larry
The after is below, hope there is
another after - after - Haa!!! - ::)))

My Family


This photo of our family was taken about 30 years ago.
This is the only family photo I could find.
In the front are my Dad and Mom...Bill and Mary.
To the left is my brother...Gary...then me (Pat)...
my brother...Larry (twin) sister brother...Jerry (twin) sister Donna...Notice the hairdo's :)))

Peggy, Donna, Me and Gary

This picture was taken in the 1940's.
At the train depot in Kane, Illinois.
Top left, Peggy, Donna.
Bottom left, Me, with head down
and Gary.

Gary & Playful

Gary and our Cat "Playful"


Picture taken in the late 1940's

Gary's Going Away Party-Army

Gary's Army going away party-fall 1961
Back left: Gary-Charlie-Tom-Grandpa Mowrey-
Uncle Dual-Dad.
Front left: Me-Donna- Grandma Mowrey-
Aunt Elna-Mom.
Berdie sitting on floor.


Gary in the Army.
Basic Training - Fort
Leonard, Missouri,


Gary - Dress Uniform - Dec - 1961

Berdie & Gary 1961

My brother and sister-in-law,
Gary and Berdie. First Wedding
Anniversary - July 1961.


This is another picture where
my brother Gary calls his
three sisters "Hussies"
Left: Me-Mom-Peggy-Donna
Picture taken in the 60's.

Peggy, Pat & Donna

Oh my, Look at these 3 "Beautys.
And to think "MY OLDER" brother,
Gary called us "Hussies". Picture
taken Sept 1971.


This is my Dad at Donna's house with
her two poodles, Dino left and Pebbles
right in 1981

Me & Dad

Me and my Dad on New Year's
Eve, at my brother Gary's house
when he still lived in East Alton,
Illinois. The picture was taken
sometime between 1980-85.
Sure looks like we were having
a good time. :)))

Me & Bill

Me and Bill at Gary's house
New Year's Eve. East Alton,

Me & Jerry

Me and my brother Jerry at
Mom and Dad's house.


Jerry in Vietnam - 1971

Jerry & Larry

These are my younger twin brothers.
Jerry on the left, Larry on the right.
Jerrys is the oldest by 7 minutes...WOW!!!

Donna, Mom & Peggy

Donna, Mom and Peggy, in an
old fashion get-up. See I told you
my sisters were older then me.

Donna & Tommy

Donna - Tommy
Mom & Dad's backyard.

Donna (sister)

This is my sister Donna...she is up at the campground were I have my trailer...Donna is standing at the door of our Mom's trailer...Donna has one child, his name is two grandchildren...Tara and Courtney. Cant for get about Sydney...Donna's dog...we call her Citygirl.
Donna lives in East Alton, Illinois...just about 4 miles from me. She also worked for Olin (Winchester) with 37 years, when she retired. She is what you call a lady of leisure now.

Me & Donna

This photo was taken right
after Me and Donna (sister)
landed on the moon.

Mom and Peggy

This is my Mom and Peggy (sister).
They landed on the moon right after
Me and Donna.

Me, Mom, Peggy & Donna

This picture was taken Sept. 1992 at my
niece's wedding,(Cathy). Me, Mom, Peggy,
(sister), Donna (sister).


Branson, Missouri


Branson, Missouri


Gary - Paying for our food.
Branson, Missouri



This is my Dad...He always reminded me of Mitch Miller.
My Dad passed away Septemeber 8, 1989...He was quit a fisherman and loved to camp...The picture of my sister Donna is standing in front of my Mom and Dad's Trailer.
Same place I have mine...My trailer is to the left of theirs...We sure had some good times at the campground.
I sure miss him alot also...even tho it has been 12 years
since his passing.

Mom and Dad


Mom and Dad's 50th. Wedding Anniversary Photo.

Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad in Floyd City, Iowa,
1930. This picture was taken before
they got married.

Dad & Mom

Dad & Mom...Don't know the
year the picture was taken.

Mom & Dad

This is my Mom and Dad, 30 years
ago,standing in front of their house.
Photo taken Jan 1972.

Dad and his 1921 Olds.

My Dad standing by his
1932 Oldsmobile. If you
look real hard you can see
my sister Donna on the right
by the drivers door, hiding.

1951 Chevy

Dad's 1951 Chevy Truck




This is my Mom in her kitchen.
Photo taken Jan 1972.


This is my Dad sitting at kitchen table.
Photo also taken Jan. 1972. Mom
above cooking dinner, he must be
waiting on it.:)))



Mom & Dad-50th. Wedding Anniv. Plus 6 Children

Mom & Dad's 50th. Weddding Anniversary
Party, with their six children. Starting left.
Larry, Jerry, Gary, Dad, Mom, Donna,
Peggy, Pat.

Latty-Jerry-Gary-Dad & Gary Carstens

Mom and Dad's 50th. Wedding Anniversary.
Starting from left: Larry-Jerry-Gary-Dad and
Rev. Gary Carstons.

Mowrey Family Reunion 2001

"Mowrey Family Reunion"
 Sept. 2001.

Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad at Gary and Berdie's
house in Missouri - 1986 or 1987


In order of birth:
Donna, Peggy, Gary,
Pat, Jerry (twin),
Larry (twin). Hope
to replace these photos
with better ones.

Me & Cathy

Me and Cathy at my house in 1988.
Cathy is Gary and Berdie's daughter.

Gary, Me, Peggy & Donna

Gary, Me, Peggy & Donna.
Don't know when picture
was taken.

Pat & Gary

Me and brother Gary
at our parents house.

Gary, Steve and Mom

Gary, his son Steve and Mom.
This is where Gary use to board
his horses before he bought his

Berdie, Peggy & Gary

Berdie, Peggy and Gary,
at Gary & Berdie's house
in Missouri.

Gary & Peggy

Gary and Peggy on Lake
Jacomo in Missouri not
far from Gary's house.

Larry & Peggy

My brother and sister, Larry & Peggy on
New Year's Eve at Larry's house in the 90's.
Now I know they are having a good time,
look at their faces, besides they are on the
floor.:))). Way to go guys.

Peggy, Me and Mom

Peggy, my sister, Me amd Mom

Me & Donna

Sister Donna and Me at my campsite
in Shelbyville, Illinois. We are in my
Dad's John Boat on the Kaskaskia
River, which is right in front of our
travel trailers.

Dad's Windwill (Before) Picture

This was my Dad's windmill that he had
in his yard for years. It was very rusty and
falling apart. After my mother passed away,
my brother Gary took it , to redo and put
in his yard, on his ranch. This is the before
picture and below is the after picture.
Fanstatic job Gary did himself, re-doing it.

Windmill, the "After" Picture

This is the "After Picture" of the Windmill,
after Gary re-did it. Great job Gary, Mom
and Dad would be proud of you.:)))


Brother, Gary


Berdie, (sister-in-law), Gary's wife


Steve, (nephew), Gary and Berdie's son.


Cathy, (niece), Gary and Berdie's daughter.


This is my brother Gary, dressed up
for "Patriots Sunday", in front of Mom
and Dad's house.

Lisa & Jerry

Lisa and Jerry at Mom's house.
My sister-in-law and brother.


Lisa in the red top
Me in the middle
Jerry (brother), Jerry
is a (twin)he the one
standing. This photo
was taken in Sept. 2001
At the "Mowrey" family
reunion, at my sister
Donna's house.

Gary & Berdie

Gary & Berdie - "Mowrey
Family Reunion - Sept. 2001

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